West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach Florida Fishing Charter

Coming to Florida for a deep-sea fishing experience? West Palm Beach should be one of your first stops. The beautiful city is famous for its beach. With Cape Canaveral in its north, Crescent Beach in the south, the Atlantic Ocean in the east, and the Banana River in the west, the city is fully surrounded by water. But it also has a surf museum and surf shops. So, before getting on board you can take a look at the museum, do some shopping for surfing equipment or even experience the great surf breaks of the city. Take your time, don’t be in a hurry, our crew we wait for you.

When you are ready to go, we will welcome you on board. Your charter will be ready, whether it is for mahi-mahi or shark or sailfin fish or wahoo, you know, the ocean has got them all, and there is no better place to fish for them than in the Florida beach.

Deep Sea Fishing Charter West Palm Beach

Our experienced captain and other members of the crew will guide you through your deep fishing adventure. We know the water very well and we will let you benefit from our wealth of experience. We will take you several miles off the shore to where the fishes are fully packed. If your charter is for dolphins, we will go 30 miles. It might get to 45 miles if you are after the sailfin fish. We may take you even farther, depending on your charter. Whichever one you choose, we will ensure you have a very nice fishing experience and catch some very big fish.

As we had taken you safely to the water, we will safely return you to the shore, but now with some big fish, sweet memory, and happier than you left. Then it will be time to take pictures.

Take beautiful pictures with your catch. The beach is equally beautiful, so you have many nice backgrounds to snap some amazing pictures with the big fish you have caught. We will help you fillet your fish and assist you with any other thing you may need. But even after that, it doesn’t mean your day has ended. You still have all the time to enjoy other great features of the beautiful beach.

Fishing Charter West Palm Beach

There are many restaurants where you can enjoy the delicacy served at the beach. Some of them will even let you trade your fish for a delicious meal. And if you choose to spend the night at the beach, you would be taking a great decision as Florida beaches are known for exciting night lives. West Palm Beach has got many clubs and bars where you can relax drink and have great fun. So, after your charter with us, do stay behind and explore the excitement of the beach. And next time you return, we will be there, waiting for you.