Miami/Miami Beach Florida Fishing Charter

Miami/Miami Beach Florida Fishing Charter

Miami is one of the best places in Florida for deep sea fishing – hands down! Before we start our day with some exciting deep sea fishing fun, you can stop off and get a coffee, there are so many great places to try while taking in the sights of South Beach. One you arrive our crew will begin your charter by welcoming you abord. Don’t worry if you spend a little extra time taking in the sights, your charter will accommodate your schedule based on you and your family.

In order to get the best deep sea fishing charter in Miami, we will take you 30 miles off the coast of Florida where we will begin fishing for Mahi Mahi, also known as dolphin, Black fin Tuna, and beautiful snapper. Alternatively, if your charter is for sailfin fish, our crew will take you out 45 miles off the shores of Florida where we will find the special fishing spots our fishing crew has tested.

Deep Sea Fishing Charter Miami

After your deep sea fishing charter returns to Miami’s port we will return you to the same Miami port, happily take your picture with the days fish and fillet your fish for you. We can also recommend some really great restaurants that will happily trade fish for dinner.

Fishing Charter Miami

Just because your deep sea fishing charter has ended does not mean your charter is over, Miami Florida has some of the best night life with clubs by the sea, bars on the beach, and fun by the shores the fun in Miami will continue well after your deep sea charter with us has drawn to a close.